ER Solutions

The Event Registry platform helps decision-makers to connect unstructured global news through cutting edge analytics. Using innovative technology we deliver data quickly and accurately to individuals and across enterprises. See below how Event Registry solves key challenges across a variety of industries.

Risk Management

Risk management is usually a top priority for financial services firms. A high profile crisis often leads to regulatory crackdowns, loss of business, lawsuits, employee layoffs, and other negative outcomes.

Brand management

Monitor satisfaction, demographics and how the media portray your brand health. Be notified about phrases that spell danger for your brand.

Crisis event coverage

Get alerts before the story starts to trend in mainstream news. Our sentiment analysis tools help you sort the positive news from the negative, so you can quickly identify the issue.

Client management

Knowing the client’s stories is essential for successfully managing client relationships. Track the news of hundreds of clients, their stories, and their impact on social media.

Competitive intelligence

Identify your principal competitors. Track web mentions and industry-specific changes that present an emerging risk to your company.

Geopolitical intelligence

Professionals use the Event Registry platform to strategically evaluate global and regional trends that impact their personal interests and professional goals. Gain a unique understanding of geopolitical risks and opportunities across regions, industries, and issues.


Identify, anticipate, and mitigate risks that emerging threats pose to your organization’s people, assets, and interests around the world.


Understand an organization’s engagement across various territories. Identify companies with strong or weak operational and product alignment to Sustainable Development Goals.


Examine the company’s mentions linked to social inequality like racial inequality, gender inequality, and wealth inequality.

Political campaigns analysis

Identify political campaign traction across various news publishers. Analyze their sentiment direction and see their trending scores in news and social media.

Investment intelligence

With our platform competitive investment firms empower their analysts to get to what matters quickly: the news and metadata that surface unique insights to drive alpha-generating strategy, make better investment decisions and deliver stronger returns with greater confidence.


Learn about market-moving events earlier. Discover trading signals that can be transformed into sharper insights and more profitable decisions.

Sentiment analysis

Construct sentiment patterns and monitor your portfolio. Trade on the changing signals or analyze historical sentiment patterns for specific assets, industry, or market.

Business relations analysis

Uncover industry-specific relationships between business. Quickly understand the sector competitors behind the specific company and further extract alpha from it.

ESG investing

Apply a selection of screening criteria to monitor companies’ progress in sustainable governance over time. Discover a company’s exposure to supply chain trends and environmental issues.

Supply Chain

Our Supply Chain analytics is built to expose business interconnections among companies globally. The platform search feeds provides access to the complex networks of companies' key customers, suppliers, competitors, and strategic partners, collected from global news and PRs.


Instantly understand the impact of unpredictable events by quickly viewing your affected locations, suppliers and customers.


Access to a complete snapshot of the company's connections through the industry supply chain. Identify locations, across all networks, to gain useful insights.

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