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Harness the power of real-time ESG analysis with our easy-to-use web application. Seamlessly identify ESG risks and opportunities as they arise, transforming emerging trends into actionable insights for your strategic advantage.

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Generate Insightful Visualisations

Our intelligent algorithms transform real-world data into intuitive visualizations, unveiling hidden insights and patterns in ESG scenarios for your clear understanding and decision-making.

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Seamlessly transfer your query data with our web application or via REST API. Utilize the export wizard to conveniently output your information in a variety of formats including .json, .csv, .txt, and .xml for your diverse needs.

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ESG Risks
  • Historical news archive

    More then +1 billion tagged and AI enriched news articles.

  • Semantic annotation

    Entity detection and word sense disambiguation

  • Multiple categorization frameworks

    DMOZ news categorization with +5000 catagories

  • Sentiment analysis

    Determine whether news data is positive, negative or neutral

  • Event clustering

    Articles talking about the same event are grouped into clusters

  • Multilingual search

    Search for mentions of a person, company, location, etc in any language

A robust, timely set of ESG data and analytics on intangible factors that have a material impact on company value.

The vast majority of data available on companies is unstructured. By bringing structure and numerical value to just a fraction of that data through artificial intelligence, our solution can deliver precise investment insights.

uri: "7262936581-1"
dateTime: "2022-11-14T11:10:00Z"
sentence: "Tesla is likely going to increase deliveries thanks Gigafactory Texas."
eventType: "busines/product-service/supply/increase"
eventTypeSentiment: "0.001014485"
org1Label: "Tesla, Inc."
org1Uri: ",_Inc."
org1Isin: "US88160R1014"
articleTitle: "Tesla helps boots EV market share in California's crashing market"
articleSentiment: "0.2392156862745098"
articleUrl: ""
articleUri: "7262936581"
source: ""
isDuplicate: "false"
factLevel: "forecast"
factLevelProb: "0.403921568627451"
location: "null"
categories: "news/Business, dmoz/Business/Classifieds/Automotive"
esgUri: "esg/governance"
sasbUri: "sasb/business_model_and_sourcing_and_efficiency"
sdgUri: "sdg/sdg12_responsible_consumption_and_production"

Granular control with REST API

Our customizable AI engine uses machine learning and natural language processing to analyze unstructured data in real time.

Delivering ESG analytics based on SDGs and SASB’s Materiality Framework™, our ESG solution is proven to drive outperformance.

Global Content
Access ESG articles published by global news sources in 60+ languages just minutes after it has been published online.
Advanced Filtering
Find ESG content of interest by specifying keywords, people, locations, organizations, topics, sources, sentiment and more.
Historical archive
Get historical data published since 2015 by accessing our ESG database.
Geospatial ESG Events
Access ESG events identified from specific locations. See coverage of each event by different publishers.
Metadata Information
Obtain momentum scores data for mentioned entities, thematic sentiment, and insight indicators.
Pay per usage
Obtain momentum scores data for mentioned entities, thematic sentiment, and insight indicators.


You don’t need to hire a team of AI experts and data scientists to build a solution from scratch. Event Registry AI-powered analytics engine that collects data, extracts relevant metrics and turns them into meaningful insights.

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Today much of ESG data is derived from company-provided materials – taking an inside-out perspective on ESG, focused on what companies disclose. We take an outside-in perspective – capturing the widest variety of perspectives available on companies' ESG performance.

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At Event Registry we build software that lets organizations integrate news and ESG data into one platform. Our software empowers entire organizations to answer complex questions quickly by processing large volumes of ESG data and delivering integrated answers to the people who need it.

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“Event Registry ESG platform allows us to monitor sustainable development in developing countries and track ESG momentum in our geopolitical development operations.”
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