ER Compare

Discover links, mutual trends and other insights to better understand your customers, competitors, markets and to enable data-driven development of your brand. Go beyond just seeing the latest developments. Understand how they impact you and your competition.

Competitive intelligence

Content Strategy

Identify competitive areas of focus for innovation R&D.

Competition discovery

Understand and compare positioning of your company compared to others around a specific topic.

Consumer insights

Brand Perception

Gain comprehensive and contextual insight into how the media perceives your brand.

Events Perceptions

Evaluate campaign messaging to identify regions that resonate most with your brand.

Topic analysis

Political intelligence

Determine the spread and impact of your outreach efforts, and explore news coverage around your efforts.

Corporate strategy

Understand performance, business drivers, and sentiment across a set of peers or sectors.

Trends Analysis

Cultural trends

Understand how consumers are reacting to market trends, innovation, and competitive products.

Primary market trends

Understand the primary market trend through unique view of events for deep research and discovery.

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