Use the power of AI to turn raw news content into actionable insights

We collect and analyze in real time news content published by over 30,000 news publishers worldwide. Use our products to find news articles of your interest or the global events mentioned in these articles.

What can you do with Event Registry?


Global media monitoring

Find content published by news, blog, and PR sources in over 30 languages. Filter the content by keywords, entities, sources, categories, and locations.


Know who and what the news is about

Get the raw content as well as the semantic annotations such as people, locations, organizations, and things mentioned in the articles.

Understand Events

Understand global events and their dependencies

Use the power of AI to find global events extracted from the articles. Get information about what happened, where, when, and who was involved.

Online Platform

Media Intelligence

Use advanced search functionality to find current and past articles and world events that exactly match your interests.

Summarize your search results with informative and actionable visualizations.

Use media intelligence to:

  • specify complex queries and find results that exactly match the search conditions;
  • get insights by visualizing hundreds of thousands of search results;
  • compare and analyze brands and products; and
  • understand trends, spot influencers.
Media Intelligence

Media Monitoring

Find recently published content on a broad topic of interest. Use our advanced ranking options to immediately find the most relevant content among millions of results.

Use media monitoring to:

  • identify relevant content on a broad topic;
  • discover content that partly matches the long list of your entered search terms; and
  • receive relevant content directly to your email inbox.
Media Monitoring

API Data Access for Developers

News API

Use our API to retrieve news content or global events. Search using keywords, topics, news sources, locations, times, and other filters.

Use News API to:

  • build your own product which requires news content or events matching a particular set of conditions; and
  • perform analysis on the news to detect patterns or anomalies.
Python SDK
from eventregistry import *
er = EventRegistry(apiKey = YOUR_API_KEY)
q = QueryArticlesIter(
    keywords = QueryItems.OR(["Bitcoin", "Litecoin"]),
    dataType = ["news", "blog"])
# obtain at most 500 newest articles or blog posts
for art in q.execQuery(er, sortBy = "date", maxItems = 500):
    print art
Node.js SDK
const iterOpts = {
    sortBy: "date",
    maxItems: 500,
    keywords: QueryItems.OR(["Bitcoin", "Litecoin"]),
const q = new QueryArticlesIter(er, iterOpts);
q.execQuery((items, error) => {;