Tokens and tracking of your usage

Event Registry offers a wide range of actions - searching for articles, events, obtaining trends, top shared news, aggregated summary of search results, etc. Additionally you can also do text processing on your own documents by performing semantic annotation or categorization on them.

Because different actions are not equally complex, we don't track the user's API usage by the number of requests. Instead, each action is associated with a number of tokens, that corresponds to the complexity of the action. Performing an action will use a corresponding number of tokens from your account.

Each user has a certain number of tokens that can be used. Free users can use a total of 2,000 tokens for testing the service (up to 500 per day). Subscribed users have a monthly quouta of tokens (contact us for a quote) as determined by their subscription plan.

News and event search

Number of tokens used when performing a search is determined by the time window of interest and the returned data type.

Time window of interest
Data type Search on recent content
(last 30 days)
Search on all content
(since 2014)
Article search 1 token 5 tokens
Event search 5 tokens 20 tokens

For majority of users, who want to search among recent news articles, a search action will use 1 token. Searching the news archive or searching for events will however use correspondingly higher number of tokens.

With a single search action you can retrieve up to 100 news articles or 50 events.

Obtaining summaries for search results

In addition to performing searches and retrieving a list of articles or events, Event Registry provides also a variety of other actions that you can perform. One group of actions includes computation of various summaries of the search results, such as top concepts, top keywords, top news sources, etc. These summaries also vary in their complexity and are split into four pricing groups as listed in the bottom table.

Time window of interest
Computation on recent content
(last 30 days)
Computation on all content
(since 2014)
Top concepts, tag cloud, locations, timeline, top news sources, concept graph, categories 2 token 10 tokens
Concept trends, date mentions, clustering of events, Similar events 10 tokens 50 tokens