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List of events

List of events

The list contains the information about events that match the search criteria.

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{{eventTotalCount | numberWithCommas}} events match the search criteria
Result sorting
Top concepts

Top concepts in events

List of concepts (entities and non-entities) that best describe what the events are about

Tag cloud

Tag cloud

Tag cloud displays top keywords extracted from the events


Geographic locations of events

The map shows the relevant locations for the events. The number of shown events can be lower than the number of search results since we might not be able to determine event location for all events. Choose a particular time period in the bottom to highligh only a subset of events.


Timeline of events

See when the events that match the search criteria happened. Click a particular column to display a list of top events for that date.

Top news sources

Top news sources

The information displays who are the news sources that report the most about the resulting events. The numerical values represents the percent of the resulting events that are covered by a particular news source. The geographical map shows the locations of the news sources and the circle sizes correspond to percentages.

Concept graph

Top entities and relations

The nodes in the graph are the most relevant concepts in the events. The edges are displayed between the concepts that frequently co-occur in the same events.

Concept matrix

Concepts that frequently co-occur in the events

The matrix displays the percentage of resulting events in which a pair of concepts appear together in the event.
Bottom left part of the matrix displays positive (green) and negative (red) correlation between co-occurence of the concept pairs. The upper right part shows the ratio of events mentioning both concepts (darker color means more events).

Concept types to display
Concept trends Date mentions

Dates mentioned in the articles about the events

The chart displays the frequency of the dates that were explicitly mentioned in the articles in the resulting events.

Criteria for displaying date mentions
Show only dates mentioned at least  
Clustering of events

Clustering of events

The dendrogram displays how events can be split into subgroups based on their similarity.
Clicking the blue dots will display sub-clusters.
Clicking buttons with the number of events will display the events in the cluster.

Event categories

Categories of events

Chart represents the distribution of events into different categories.
Click a particular segment to display events in the category.

No events are assigned to the categories